Next week forecast: knitting with a chance of knitting!

Next week is finals week and I am lucky to have a nice, easy finals schedule. I am on the teaching side, so once finals are over, I will have to grade BUT I anticipate a fairly relaxing week. 

And what will I do with all that free time? Why, knit of course! I plan to finish my current WIP, a pair of cushy socks for me, do some knitting room clean up, and tackle a whoops project that needs fixing!

What are your knitting plans?


All in the eyes

This weekend was full of painting. Not only did I finish the bear “bird” house, I worked on an elephant wind chime, and put the final touches on another face. In this case the face was a Raiku project from last summer (eek!). In all honesty, I have no excuse for waiting so long. All I had to do was clean the piece and put the eyes on it. Very little time was needed to make it ready for the back yard but I just let it sit there. Now I can finally say it is done! The eyes really finished the piece!

Here is the before (a little blurry due to cropping):

Here is the after, the eyes make all the difference!

Also, here is the same face with a different paint job. I loved how this bersuon came out.

Mommy and Me Day

Today was a bonding day with my mother. We finished up some ceramics projects that we had to work on. My project was a bear “bird” house. It had been sitting there forever waiting for me to get it finished and now it is off my plate! 

My mother and I know have matching bird houses! The back one is the one I painted.

Yarn Bowl winner!

Good morning everyone! The hand-painted yarn bowl winner was drawn this morning and has been contacted. Thank you all for participating!

I plan on having another give away very soon. I am thinking another yarn bowl. Any other suggestions?


Unicorn cuteness

At the beginning of May, I went to a David Hoff airbrushing class. This was the second one I attended and it was just as great as the first. I think this will have to become a yearly tradition! 

During the class, I had enough time to airbrush three projects: a unicorn, sun, and thermometer (the thermometer is much cooler than it sounds). The greenware was fired and has been sitting there waiting for completion. And sat and sat for the rest of the month.

The unicorn has now been finished. In addition to the airbrushing, eyes and a fancy gold horn were added. The end result is perfect! It is adorable!

The thermometer had some over spray issues that have now been repainted. The piece is glazed and ready to be fired. I now need to finish the sun, however it had some large cracks that will need to be fixed. Hopefully the piece will still come out well and will make a good addition to my yard. If all else fails, I will glue the cracks together and hide it behind some greenery!

Happy painting!

All work and no play

Lately work has been taking all of my time. I haven’t been able to knit or paint as much as I would like. With no knitting and no painting, it makes it a little harder for me to blog since I have no projects to share.

Thankfully, while work is still keeping me busy, I think I will have some more “me time” in the next few weeks. I am almost done with my WIP sock and will be painting ceramics tomorrow. Also, as summer arrives my schedule should lighten up. I am looking forward to more play and less work. You should see more blog posts in the next few weeks!

How do you deal with work getting in the way of your hobbies?

Finished yarn bowls

Two more yarn bowls have been fired. Another one is ready to go in the kiln!

Have you signed up for the yarn bowl raffle yet? The link can be found on the main page of You have through May to enter and the winner will be announced June 1st! 

Good luck to all!

WIP weekend

I spent the last few days on Ravelry looking for the perfect project to start. I decided upon a shawl, using two hand painted yarns that I purchased from the Black Sheep Wool Festival in 2016 of last year. I wanted the shawl to be ready for the festival this year. Yesterday I found the project that worked perfectly for my yarn and would increase my skill set- a beautiful two color brioche pattern.

I was already to start. I wound the hanks into balls and was going to rewatch a Craftsy class to make sure I knew what I was doing. My project was set in motion!

But alas, it will have to wait until next week. We decided to go on a last minute camping trip and I would rather not start my project on the road. So instead, I am going to battle my Second Sock Syndrome and finish a WIP.

I have tried to ignore the partial sock in its project bag for the last month but it will finally be completed this weekend. Its cries for attention have finally been heard.

Hopefully for every new project finished, I will complete one WIP. I only have a few partly done projects. By the end of 2017, I would like to see them completed or taken off the needles. 

Happy knitting!

Yarn Woes….

I had a 2017 Knitting Resolution to not buy any more yarn until I used up 20 balls from my stash. I succeeded! My stash got smaller and I felt great! So why the sad article heading?

Well, after my big 20 ball success I bought four balls of yarn-the first to make a pair of self-patterned socks and the other three to make a cowl. The cowl is already causing me grief and it hasn’t even been started yet!   

The cowl was a sample at an LYS and I fell in love the second I saw it. The yarn was squishy, vibrant, and the stranded knitting was just what I needed after a month of garter stitch and stockinette! I needed to make it! 

The store sign said the pattern was a free download and I could have sworn it only took three balls of yarn. In my head that didn’t seem like enough but I sometimes I am overly cautious with yardage. The cowl was going to be my next project!

Or not…. I have hit two snags!

  1. When looking for the pattern online today I noticed it was only a free download from the LYS according to the manufacturer’s website. The LYS’s website is under construction and no free patters are offered.
  2. Three balls was not enough, five balls is needed. 

Combine both snags with the fact that the LYS is 4 hours away and I am not sure how the project will be completed. I have emailed them for the pattern but I don’t want to order only two balls of yarn online. 

I guess I am going to have to wing it and write my own pattern!

Happy knitting!

“Weaving in Ends” Wednesday!

Bleh. Today is WIE, Weaving in Ends Wednesday.

I am usually on top of weaving in ends, I hate having a lot to do at the end of a project. I want to seam it, take care of the last few loose ends, block it, and go!  And update my Ravelry notebook, too! I love finishing the project, hitting the complete button and getting to show off to everyone I know. Wham, bam, and aren’t I awesome?!

With this sweater it was different, I kept putting those darn ends off and now there are too many to do! It has been sitting in my knitting room for the last week waiting for me to finish it. I hear I calling my name and I am avoiding it!

So today is the day. I will not knit, paint, or chainmail until that sweater is complete!