I know I have been absent from AmandaBanana Knits and Paints, I kept thinking about the blog and wanting to write but I hated the fact that I had been lazy and hadn’t written. So because I hadn’t written for weeks, I was afraid or embarrassed to get started. Then weeks became months and the embarrassment and fear or failure grew bigger. My silly fears became my downfall and I didn’t post for the last few months.

I decided that January, full of resolutions, would be the perfect time to restart AmandaBanana Knits and Paints. A new year, a new me and a second beginning for my blog. Fear will no longer stand in my way.

In the beginning of 2917, I had three knitting goals (if I remember correctly):

  1. Minimize my yarn stash and use 20 balls of yarn before buying more
  2. Make my husband a sweater
  3. Make me a cowichan sweater

So how did things go? I decided in June that I would wait on the second and third goal. I really wanted to work on minimizing stash and purchasing yarn for two sweaters would not help with that, especially when I already had yarn for multiple sweaters!

The first goal went well, I used 20 balls from stash, it took me longer than anticipated as I was on a fingering weight kick! For the year I ended up using 49 balls of yarn, way more than I purchased. Until the end of December, any purchases were used immediately. After that I focused on Christmas knitting.

Here is my full jar of yarn labels.

For 2018, I have some similar knitting resolutions:

  1. Minimize yarn stash, only participating in a one ball per month subscription of Knitted Wit yarn my local LYS is having.
  2. Having 60 balls of yarn in my jar by the end of 2018
  3. Use up scrap yarn, it is beginning to pile up!

I still plan on making my two sweaters but I really like the idea of minimizing stash and decluttering my yarn room.

Good luck to you all on your knitting resolutions!


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