Upcycling in the Summer

Once upon a time, there was an old locker who sat all alone in a dirty old shed. He gathered dust and rust, and was not much to look at. He wished and he wished for changes to be made and BOOM his fairy godmother obliged.

What a difference a wash, sanding, primer, paint can make!

From the dirty shed to the laundry room! Now what to paint next?



These past few weeks I have been slapping paint on everything! I have made Christmas gifts, kitchen items, you name it. I am on a roll!

My most recent item is a stoneware plate that used a Magic designer line pen and Duncan underglaze paints, which was supposed to result in a water color look.

I chose a crazy chicken face, applied it to a plate, and then painted away, using blues, reds, greens, yellows, and a light brown. Then I took the designer line and lined the whole thing in black.

And of course, forgot to take a photo of the pre-glazed plate! The end result came out beautifully, except for one little thing: the reds and yellows did not show up. It is likely they magically disappeared! The yellow was used by others and it showed up on their plate. Mine? Nope. The paints must have thought it looked better without them.

Here is the end result! The whole face is missing most of the color, but I like the end look.

Quit Needling Me!

I have the perfect two balls of fingering yarn for a shawl: a deep green and a variegated light red/green mix. Together they will make the perfect accessory.

I wound the hanks into balls and then began looking for the perfect pattern. I thought the pattern would call to me and the second I saw it, I would know. Unfortunately the perfect pattern never came.

I would work on other projects, searching Pinterest and revelry in the night, still searching for that perfect pattern. Still it hid from me.

Finally, I decided I would make that shawl now! Now, now, now! I was sick of waiting. No more hide and seek! I spent a large part of yesterday looking and decided on the pattern. It called for a DK wait and was $6. It was well worth the splurge. I decided to go down to a size 6 needle to deal with the yarn difference.

The yarn and the pattern were not happy, they despised each other from the start. So, grumbling about my wonderful paid pattern, I went searching for something new. I found another pattern.

I decided to stick with the size 6 needles, even though the pattern called for size 5. I needed those for a collar for a project I need to finish today (it must be DONE today!) and I didn’t feel like looking for another pair. The yarn still could not get along with the pattern and needles.

I kept looking and looking into the evening hours, the yarn liked nothing I suggested. I was about ready to put them aside and work on something less picky.

Finally I decided to do a Cameo shawl. I made one in the past and I loved it. I didn’t necessarily want to make the same thing again but why not try it. For this, I decided on the size 5 needles as these are what I used last time. I can go searching in the yarn room for another pair for my other project. After all, I can’t be that lazy?!

Finally the yarn was happy. I found out it wasn’t the patterns it was against, but the size 6 needles. Next time, I will listen to the yarn better! (And not be so lazy when looking for needles!h