Car knitting

This week has revolved around a lot of car travel; either to and from the airport, visiting local attractions, and driving a few towns over to watch the eclipse.

During all that driving, I was a knitting machine! I finished a beautiful shawl in a couple of days. My wrists were starting to hurt from all of the knitting but I ended up with a gorgeous finished project!

I have also started my next car project! Socks! Well, actually I am knitting socks at home, in anticipation of going somewhere. Hopefully this will minimize Second Sock Syndrome! (I am also procrastinating on knitting a sweater for the fair, it needs to be done in two weeks. Eek!)

Happy knitting!


Ho ho ho!

I am feeling Christmassy this summer as I start making my holiday gifts. I am on a role! Just like Santa, I have made a list (in Excel, no less) and am checking it twice!

For the nieces and nephews on my husbands' side, I have hand painted Santa mugs. Not only are they cute and made with love, but I think they will make keepsakes for the future.

Ho ho ho! Is anyone else getting in the Christmas spirit this August?


Fair Time!

One of my big knitting motivators is the local fair. The idea of winning a couple of bucks and a ribbon is all I need to get some knitting done! For this year, I plan on entering the following:

  1. Two shawls (one of my own design)
  2. A pair of slipper socks I made my husband
  3. A baby sweater with an owl on the front- this just needs to be seemed together
  4. An adult lace cardigan- which has not been started
  5. A hand painted santa ceramic cup- which will be done this week
  6. A rug made with yarn- still working on this as well

I may add some other items to my list as the date gets closer. I have another week or so to get my registration list in and then until the beginning of September to get everything finished.

Let’s get those fingers knitting!