Spray paint addiction!

So what have I been doing instead of knitting and painting yarn bowls? Spray painting! I think spray paint could end up becoming a highly addictive and expensive hobby.

Highly addictive? There are so many things at my house and at relatives that I can spray paint (and then own of course, as anything that the parents’ own is MINE!). So far, I have painted a table and chairs set left to me from my grandmother, a plant stand, and two plastic chairs. My end spray painting goal is to have a set of rainbow chairs. 

Why does everything need to get spray painted, my husband asks? Why not? 

The only cons to my spray painting addiction is it isn’t cheap and I have the tendency to overspray, thus resulting in buying more paint than I should. I need more room in my budget for spray paint! If it was cheaper, my entire house would be a rainbow of paint!

For the chairs, I used 1.5 cans per chair, no primer required. I think I can get the next two chairs down to one can each.  I may add a top coat leftover from a different project but haven’t decided. Here is the before and after.
For my outdoor chairs and table, I used a primer, a Rustoleum Paint and Promer, and a top coat. The cushions will be reupholstered in September.

And finally, the wrought iron plant stand. This  project needed to be cleaned with a wire brush since it was very rusty from years of use. As with the project above, I used a primer and a top coat. 


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