Knitting Goals

I love to give myself knitting goals to keep me motivated: knit four inches by the end of the day, a sleeve by the end of the weekend, you get the drift. My knitting goal for this week was to have my Joker & the Thief shawl completed, with ends woven in and on the blocking board by Wednesday. And I did it! The project is done and hanging on a mannequin. If it wasn't so hot, I would be wearing it every where!

Now I need to get the next project started. I have made my gauge swatch but need to start the actual knitting. The fair is coming and I need some eye catching products to enter!


Spray paint addiction!

So what have I been doing instead of knitting and painting yarn bowls? Spray painting! I think spray paint could end up becoming a highly addictive and expensive hobby.

Highly addictive? There are so many things at my house and at relatives that I can spray paint (and then own of course, as anything that the parents’ own is MINE!). So far, I have painted a table and chairs set left to me from my grandmother, a plant stand, and two plastic chairs. My end spray painting goal is to have a set of rainbow chairs. 

Why does everything need to get spray painted, my husband asks? Why not? 

The only cons to my spray painting addiction is it isn’t cheap and I have the tendency to overspray, thus resulting in buying more paint than I should. I need more room in my budget for spray paint! If it was cheaper, my entire house would be a rainbow of paint!

For the chairs, I used 1.5 cans per chair, no primer required. I think I can get the next two chairs down to one can each.  I may add a top coat leftover from a different project but haven’t decided. Here is the before and after.
For my outdoor chairs and table, I used a primer, a Rustoleum Paint and Promer, and a top coat. The cushions will be reupholstered in September.

And finally, the wrought iron plant stand. This  project needed to be cleaned with a wire brush since it was very rusty from years of use. As with the project above, I used a primer and a top coat. 

Knitting funk is over!

I have been a little silent these past few weeks. I have had a case of the knitting blues and it was hard to get motivated. A second sock? Bleh! Design my own scarf? Bleh! Watch some Craftsy to get better at 2 color brioche? Bleh! All the things I want and need to do, and I just couldn’t get those needles working!

I have been wanting to design my own projects for a while (only two so far) and I had a great idea of what to do but for some reason, the project just doesn’t hold my interest. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all. It looks at me and gives me sad eyes but it hasn’t gotten any longer. 

Mix that with second sock syndrome and I just didn’t want anything to do with knitting. This even resulted in less yarn bowls being done!

So what to do? I have decided to hide both WIP’s on the top shelf and start a new project and I am past the halfway mark! Each night, I put the phone down and have gotten some knitting done!

My current project is a kit from the Black Sheep event I went to in June. It is a shawls called “The Joker and the Thief” and I think it will be gorgeous when it is completed and all of the darn ends are woven in. 

Happy Knitting!