Black Sheep Gathering 

My mother and I took a road trip to Eugene, Or to visit with family. On the last day of our trip we were able to spend an hour at the Black Sheep Gathering. I was on my element! I walked through all the booths twice, once to see what was there and once to make my purchases!

I ended up getting a cute shawl pin in the shape of a sheep, a shawl/wrap kit ( for the pattern “the joker and the thief” on ravelry), and a rug hooking kit. The rug kit was a gift from my mother. She wanted to make a rug and asked if I wanted to do it with her. When people offer to buy me any yarn or related items, I always say yes! 


Next week forecast: knitting with a chance of knitting!

Next week is finals week and I am lucky to have a nice, easy finals schedule. I am on the teaching side, so once finals are over, I will have to grade BUT I anticipate a fairly relaxing week. 

And what will I do with all that free time? Why, knit of course! I plan to finish my current WIP, a pair of cushy socks for me, do some knitting room clean up, and tackle a whoops project that needs fixing!

What are your knitting plans?

All in the eyes

This weekend was full of painting. Not only did I finish the bear “bird” house, I worked on an elephant wind chime, and put the final touches on another face. In this case the face was a Raiku project from last summer (eek!). In all honesty, I have no excuse for waiting so long. All I had to do was clean the piece and put the eyes on it. Very little time was needed to make it ready for the back yard but I just let it sit there. Now I can finally say it is done! The eyes really finished the piece!

Here is the before (a little blurry due to cropping):

Here is the after, the eyes make all the difference!

Also, here is the same face with a different paint job. I loved how this bersuon came out.

Mommy and Me Day

Today was a bonding day with my mother. We finished up some ceramics projects that we had to work on. My project was a bear “bird” house. It had been sitting there forever waiting for me to get it finished and now it is off my plate! 

My mother and I know have matching bird houses! The back one is the one I painted.

Yarn Bowl winner!

Good morning everyone! The hand-painted yarn bowl winner was drawn this morning and has been contacted. Thank you all for participating!

I plan on having another give away very soon. I am thinking another yarn bowl. Any other suggestions?