Unicorn cuteness

At the beginning of May, I went to a David Hoff airbrushing class. This was the second one I attended and it was just as great as the first. I think this will have to become a yearly tradition! 

During the class, I had enough time to airbrush three projects: a unicorn, sun, and thermometer (the thermometer is much cooler than it sounds). The greenware was fired and has been sitting there waiting for completion. And sat and sat for the rest of the month.

The unicorn has now been finished. In addition to the airbrushing, eyes and a fancy gold horn were added. The end result is perfect! It is adorable!

The thermometer had some over spray issues that have now been repainted. The piece is glazed and ready to be fired. I now need to finish the sun, however it had some large cracks that will need to be fixed. Hopefully the piece will still come out well and will make a good addition to my yard. If all else fails, I will glue the cracks together and hide it behind some greenery!

Happy painting!


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