Yarn Woes….

I had a 2017 Knitting Resolution to not buy any more yarn until I used up 20 balls from my stash. I succeeded! My stash got smaller and I felt great! So why the sad article heading?

Well, after my big 20 ball success I bought four balls of yarn-the first to make a pair of self-patterned socks and the other three to make a cowl. The cowl is already causing me grief and it hasn’t even been started yet!   

The cowl was a sample at an LYS and I fell in love the second I saw it. The yarn was squishy, vibrant, and the stranded knitting was just what I needed after a month of garter stitch and stockinette! I needed to make it! 

The store sign said the pattern was a free download and I could have sworn it only took three balls of yarn. In my head that didn’t seem like enough but I sometimes I am overly cautious with yardage. The cowl was going to be my next project!

Or not…. I have hit two snags!

  1. When looking for the pattern online today I noticed it was only a free download from the LYS according to the manufacturer’s website. The LYS’s website is under construction and no free patters are offered.
  2. Three balls was not enough, five balls is needed. 

Combine both snags with the fact that the LYS is 4 hours away and I am not sure how the project will be completed. I have emailed them for the pattern but I don’t want to order only two balls of yarn online. 

I guess I am going to have to wing it and write my own pattern!

Happy knitting!


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