Cloud Man

Did I mention how much I love to paint faces? After knitting, this is my favorite thing to do. I love the idea of having a nicely manicured garden filled with ceramic faces. I imagine having a get together and all of my guests commenting on how gorgeous they all are and asking where we got them from, never once thinking there are too many.  Of course, I know that this is a dream as the faces are still not up in the yard AND the manicured yard needs to be weeded!

Until the day that I start hanging my ceramic faces, I will continue to paint them. One of the most recent was a cloud face and set of hands. The face and hands remind me of an ancient god blowing the wind in a certain direction and resulting in the people heading on a certain path. By far this face has been my favorite to paint.

For “Cloud Man”, as he shall now be known, I used a light blue as the base paint. I then dry brushed the hair, hands, and eyebrows to look like the beginning of angry clouds; using a mix of dark blue, gray, and white.

On a side note, this is also the first face that I added eyebrows to and I really think they finish the piece and give it more character. Between the dry brushing and the bushy brows, I think the end result is perfect.

Cloud Man

Cloud Man Finished


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