Never to old to craft


I love to look through the community ed courses offered by the local college. I think about what I should take, what works with my schedule, etc. In the past I have taken a stained glass window class (a project that will one day be completed), a gardening class, and a cheese making class. In addition, I even taught knitting for a few terms.

For Spring term, I wanted to try something new and exciting, I only had two requirements: it had to work with my schedule (the biggie), and my mother and I could do it together. We decided on a Saturday chainmail class where you learned the basics and would start a small bag project. I knew that people made jewelry with chainmail and thought it would be something fun to try. AND, if it worked well, it could result in some great Christmas presents for my nieces.

When we arrived at the class, we were the only ones there who were thinking of using chainmail for jewelry. The other students and teachers were more excited about the armour aspects, how it could be used for comic con adventures, and using the bag to hold dice. While we had different interests and eventual uses, the class itself was a lot of fun and this gal here, well she learned a new skill.

While I have not finished my bag yet, I did get my own sets of pliers and have started chaining away. I even went pinteresting for some future uses. In fact, I went to Weave Got Maile and ordered two jewelry kits for motivation!


Chainmail 2.JPG

Chainmail start!




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