Prepping for Christmas (in April!)

One of the things I love about Christmas is making gifts. I love to plan ahead and try to make people the perfect gifts. Hand knit sweaters for the younger nieces and nephews, boot cuffs for the teens, etc. Unfortunately, I usually wait until November to make half of  my gifts! I would say that I am 80% successful for the hand made holidays.

This year will be different! Instead of getting overwhelmed with gift making, my family is starting a new tradition. Instead of having to make (or get gifts) for all adults, we have joined the name drawing crowd. To make it more personal, you aren’t just drawing a person’s name but you also have to make them a gift.

I think this will result in a great holiday tradition, one where we learn more about each other. Hopefully this will result in a closer, tight knit family.

I have drawn my name, planned my gift, and am already prepping for the holidays! (And yes, I am that annoying person who starts waayy to early!).  I have started writing my list! This year will be a Christmas to remember!


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