Yarn Bowl!

I love knitting and I love ceramics. And one of my favorite things is to combine both hobbies! In this case, I created a hand painted ceramic yarn bowl.

I purchased the yarn bowl from my local ceramics shop but there are multiple variations online. For example, here are options from Bisque Imports. For the colors, I used a mix of Duncan and Mayco glazes. I used the Duncan Shimmer for the bottom and the inside, using three coats. I then used the Mayco Jungle Gems for the outside. For the Jungle Gems and the first two coats, I tried to minimize the amount of crystals, waiting  until the third coat to stir the paint and add them.

I am thinking about using the Yarn Bowl as a give-away for Amanda Banana Knits at the end of May. My plan is to go “public” with the blog at the beginning of the month and then choose a winner. Look for a blog post in May with more details! (One caveat: That I am smart enough to figure this out!)


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