Ceramic Faces (aka Faces of Doom)

While knitting is my main hobby, I also like to paint ceramics. I joined a small ceramic studio about nine months ago. I have painted anything ranging from the practical (coffee cups to stoneware pizza stones to trivets) to the impractical. Lately I have been focused on the impractical, mainly painting ceramic faces to place in my back yard. The faces have become my obsession.

Where to begin? I saw a ceramic face at the end of last summer and decided to paint it on a whim. My ceramics teacher and I decided it would be the perfect raku project, a ceramic process that involves using a paint that has metals in it and using fire instead of a kiln to bake it. I loved the end result and felt the beginning of a new hobby.

Four completed

The raku face is the one on the right side.

Unfortunately work has gotten in the way of both my knitting and ceramics! I have started painting at home in the evenings, since I cannot always get to the painting studio. I think this will help me meet my summer ceramics goal- 10 faces to places in the backyard. With painting at home, I think this goal is a reality. As of now, I have the four completed faces and 3 more that are 80-90% done.

There is only one small fly in my brilliant plan. The husband…. For some reason he is not too fond of my obsession with painting faces, he calls them “Faces of Doom” and says they remind him of cadavers. Hopefully he doesn’t look in the backyard come June!


Cloud Man

One of my current projects in the beginning stages.






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