2017 Knitting Resolution #1

In a previous post  from the beginning of the year, I mentioned I had three knitting resolutions for 2017. These were to be completed in the following order-

  1. Use 20 balls of yarn before purchasing more
  2. Make a cowichan style sweater for me
  3. Make my husband a sweater (not sure on the order of the last two)

I figured I could easily get through 20 balls of yarn in two months but here it is at the beginning of April and I am on Ball 18. If I had just stuck with worsted weight or thicker yarn, that goal would have been surpassed a long time ago, but no! I went on a sock yarn binge! Between size one needles and work, my first goal is taking longer than anticipated.

It also doesn’t help that I have been given 10 balls of yarn by two different family members. However, those were gifts that I felt obligated to take and were not my own purchases. Therefore, they do not count! Even though 3 of the balls were some of my go-to yarn for kids clothes! (Again they do not count, they were leftover Premier Encore from a crocheted aphgan, leftovers I tell you!)

I wasn’t planning on starting resolution #2 until June so I still have plenty of time but I was hoping I would be much further along. I had day dreamed of having minimal yarn stash by June! In my head, I would have 40+ balls done by then. This may still be possible if I stay away from sock yarn! 

Ball 18…. I really wish it was ball 20. We are going to Roseburg this weekend and I was hoping to visit the Knotty Lady and buy two balls of yarn for all my hard work! Then I would fondle my new purchases, use them up, and start using up more stash. But alas, that isn’t the case.

I will have to see what will happen. Should I splurge even though I have two balls to go? Should I buy knitting related items instead? Should I just bypass the Knotty Lady to make sure I stay on track? Eek! Too many choices!!!!!


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