On The Purl Side

I just finished a sport weight lace shawl. It was a wonderful project and one I plan on doing again (after I get through all of my other projects of course). I enjoyed the lace patterns, the yarn, the knitting process itself, and the end result. However, one of the things I enjoyed the most was the purl side of the project.

Purl side? Whaaaat? I know that many knitters do not like to purl or at least to purl large numbers of stitches. They may even decide to knit in the round or to knit from right to left just to get out of having to purl.  I understand where they are coming from, the purl side can take longer, seem tedious, boring, etc. When I see a pattern with a purl side of 300+ stitches, I sometimes have to catch my breath.

Yet this project was different. While the knitting side gave me time to focus and improve my skill set, the purl side gave me time to relax and, more importantly, the time to reflect. I was able to reflect on my knitting and the entire process, how far my skills had come, and what I was going to try next. What would be my next project? What designs should I be making? Will I meet my own knitting goals?

I was also able to reflect on my life, my family, and my work. The purl side gave me the opportunity to look at everything around me and my future. Instead of impatiently waiting for the wrong side to be over, I enjoyed the time it gave me. The purl side gave me the time needed to focus on me.

The ability to reflect and to be introspective on my life was something that I felt like I very much needed. From now on, I will look at those large stitch counts and wrong side rows as not only part of the pattern but as a way to learn more about myself.

Happy knitting (and purling) to you all.






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