Yarn Dyeing Adventure

During my cleaning adventure, I found two yarn/sock dying kits that I purchased at a knitting convention. Heck, it was probably 4 years ago that I bought them and they have been sitting there forgotten and gathering dust!

I decided to dye them two Sundays ago and then use the yarn to make socks. For the first part of the year, I got a case of the “I love socks! I must make them all the time!”- itis. I said to myself, “what better thing to do than use up my stash yarn and learn something new?”

Side Note- As happens every time I knit socks, I eventually get Second Sock Syndrome and began to pout, instead of finishing the second sock. However, I would rather not have another half started project sitting there so I must finish! It is an inner struggle that will hopefully resolved soon. However, my stubbornness on finishing half a sock is a story for another day.

Back to story- When I initially purchased the kit, I did not pay attention to the yarn quality. It was in a bag and I had not inspected it very closely. Also, as most yarns at conventions seem to be extra fancy  (and the kit price was up there), I assumed all was good. Four years later, when I actually opened up the kit, the yarn was fairly splitty and looks to be low-quality (please feel free to yell at me if this is your favorite yarn!). I plan to use it in the near future but I think it will be a pain to work with, the knitting needles will probably split or catch the yarn even more.


Close-up of yarn, you can see how splitty it is.

The dyeing process was fairly simple. In addition to reading my kits’ directions, I followed a few you-tube tutorials for guidance. I just used my microwave, my husband’s cheese making gloves, and some paper cups. No mess was made and I only had a issue with dying my hands and one old towel. Thankfully the dye came out of both easily.



Here is are my finished projects. One day, these will be socks!


The most time consuming parts of the project were transferring the yarn balls to hanks, soaking the yarn, and waiting for the final project to dye.

The end result came out fairly well but one section of dye did not stain quite as well as I would have liked. I probably did not put enough vinegar in or have hot enough water. Oh well, lesson learned!

If I try this again, and I will has I have extra dye, I think I will buy a nice 100% wool from Knitpicks to use as my base. Probably in a worsted weight since I am not in the mood to make socks.

My initial plan was to knit hand-dyed socks immediately after I finished my current set but since I have not felt like working on it, it may be a while! I may have to do a different project before I go back to socks!




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