Starting 2017 off right!

Well, 2016 went very well but my blog knitting goals apparently went out the window! Or maybe they weren’t actually going to start until 2017? After all, you can’t start off in the middle! Whichever way you look at it, I am ready to get started.

I like setting New Years resolutions, even if I am not always successful. Instead of picking resolutions regarding weight or exercise (even though these may also need a little of work), I decided to look at resolutions as being things I LOVED to do and wanted to do more of. I think that focusing on my passion of knitting as a resolution will make me much more satisfied and will make me much more successful.

So, here are my Knitting Resolutions/Goals for 2017:

Goal #1: Use 20 balls of stash yarn before making any purchases

When I told my hubby Goal #1, he asked “you have over 20 balls of yarn?” He seemed a little shocked and I had to turn away not to laugh. I think he may have a heart attack if he  enters my little yarn room and actually pokes around!

I am already on my second ball of the year and am using this opportunity to create my own design. It should be out in the next week. I will probably try to use a lot of my stash for design purposes.

Goal #2: Make my husband the sweater of his choice

He has been wanting his own sweater in a striped pattern found in a yarn magazine. I wanted to make him a gray cabled sweater (like the ones Hyde wore on “That 70’s Show) and we have been going around in circles about it. Heck! He should get the sweater he wants. After my 20 balls are gone, I will get the yarn for his sweater.

Goal #3: Make a cowichan style sweater for ME!

I love the cowichan style sweaters and have wanted to make one for a while. The problem is I have had so many other projects to make and none of the right yarn for the project. Plus, intarsia makes me a little nervous. Time to get over that! I think a nice, bulky, cowichan will be the perfect thing to wear at future holiday gatherings!

I think these goals will be easy to meet, will be enjoyable, and may increase my skill set.

What goals do you have for this year?


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