From a mistake to a genius stitch!

I was on a quest for the perfect shawl. I had a lot of different requirements:

  • Perfect (an easy requirement!)
  • Not too complicated
  • Works well with a variegated yarn that was in my stash
  • Works well with an Aran weight
  • Was less than 400 yards
  • Did I forget to mention perfect?

Needless to say, I spent hours and hours searching and nothing caught my eye. Sure, there were beautiful patterns out there but nothing that was good enough for the yarn that I had, a scrumptious, squishy, mix of perfection. And then I had a moment of genius! I would make my own “perfect” pattern.

I got out my stitch books and rummaged around. I looked at lace, cables, etc. The problem is that my yarn is variegated and I did not want it to be too busy or to take away from the stitch design. I also needed something that worked while I binge watched Netflix. I tried some garter stitch patterns and they left something to be desired. They took my pretty yarn from gorgeous to bleh and yuck!

I finally decided to go with a simple design. It was nice but I was mainly just goofing around. But I messed up on the repeat and instead of hating it and tearing it out, it was a EUREKA moment! I loved the end result and how it made the yarn stand out. In fact, I loved the stitch pattern so much, I am going to go all the way with it! Me, the perfect stitch, and 2017!

Whoa! Not all the way, no dinner and dancing for this stitch (even though I do love it that much!). Instead my plans are to use the same stitch, or variations of it, in every pattern I design for 2017 (while also meeting my 20 ball New Years resolution).

Stay tuned for the first very first pattern with this stitch! It should be up next week!



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